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The Rocky Mountain Triple Threat Basketball program is a select group of the areas top girls and boys in Northern Colorado / Wyoming / Nebraska.  Triple Threat is the most affordable option available for players 6th grade through 11th grade.  We are excited to announce both our girls and our boys platform will be playing on the highly visible Prep Hoops Platform this coming year that showcases and promotes many of the Top Players from across the country.  In the coming years we want to continue offering the same great opportunities for other girls teams as they mature and develop representing Northern Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. 


Our goal is that we will provide a first class competitive opportunity for players in order to develop them in the immediate and distant future.  It is our mission to provide these young players with opportunities to reach maximum fulfillment, ACADEMICALLY, ATHLETICALLY, and SOCIALLY. It is our belief that Triple Threat will not only offer a competitive athletic environment, but also a nurturing environment that promotes confidence, teamwork, leadership, high self-esteem, and discipline. 


It is our belief that Triple Threat will provide opportunities for our young players to enjoy, learn, and understand the game of basketball through fundamental instruction from our experienced coaches all while competing at the top levels of competition.


-August 3rd and 4th 2024!!!

-Tryout Link:


Boys Grades 6th - 10th Grade

Girls Grades 6th - 11th Grade


Our objective is to help our young players develop the skills/foundation needed to compete at and above their grade level.  All while laying a foundation that will help them prepare for basketball in high school and ultimately provide them with the opportunity to showcase those skills at the local, state, and national levels.


To provide a competitive basketball experience for young athletes, where values of hard work, responsibility, self-discipline, motivation, accountability, and team play are taught.  We are devoted to teaching athletes how to compete at a high level and will focus on the required skills development for young players to grow both mentally, physically and skillfully.  Our practices will typically be two days per week for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  It is important to do your best to attend these as this is in the best interest of all players and families involved.  Remember this is a competitive program so missing practices can hurt a players chance to learn plays necessary to be successful during games.  Invited players will have the chance to compete together for years to come, as we want to have a team (boys and girls) that we can grow with.


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